About Us

Make Your Own Soap was created to help you do just that-to make your own soap easy peasy, fail-proof & looking good enough to gift if you want to!

Making your own soap is about:

1. Giving you more time to create....because I'm a soapmaker too and looking where to buy ingredients, waiting for them to arrive, measuring them and then finding a place to store all the extras was NOT what I wanted to be doing!  I wanted to be having fun making soap and I'm guessing you do too!

That's just one reason why I wanted to create pre-measured, all-in-one kits so that you could spend more time doing what you love!

2. Making it easy to make unique and personalized gifts!  Everyone knows that handmade gifts are true gifts from the heart, but not everyone has time to spend figuring out what to make and then the time to actually make them. We make it enjoyable for you to make useful gifts that will leave your friends amazed at your talent and creativity!

That's another reason why I wanted to create easy to make soap kits, because making handmade gifts should be enjoyable, not tedious and time-consuming!

3. Giving you the tools to successfully create. Ever make a recipe off of the internet and have it flop? Well not anymore...well, as long as it's one of our kits!  Our kits have been tested and the same recipes used by hundreds of students in hands-on classes, most who have never made soap before! Our kits are guaranteed, when following our directions.

This is a BIG reason I created Make My Own Soap. My very first batch of soap that I made over 17 years ago was a major FLOP! I was following a recipe (from a magazine-yup that dates me a bit lol) that had a typo so all those ingredients I had sourced, all that time I had spent....all wasted and a major bummer! I didn't want that happening to you too! Making your own soap should be fun, easy, and successful. We've done the science so that you can relax and have fun with the creating!

4. Give you the confidence to work with lye safely.

This is another reason I created ready-to-create soap kits and included training videos. Over and over again when teaching soap classes I heard "I've always wanted to try making soap but I was scared of the lye". But after classes I heard over and over again, now I know! Thank you!

You should have a healthy fear of lye because it CAN be dangerous if not handled correctly but I'll show you the correct ways to handle lye with extra tips for safety precautions so that you can use it as a tool (soap is not really soap without lye!) and you can have the confidence to start making your own soap!

5. Each kit comes with a link to digital instructions with pictures for every step. Plus get FREE access to a video demo where I'm teaching a class and you can make your soap along with me, every step of the way!  Want a live hands-on experience? Join us for one of our virtual soap-a-thon LIVE classes and we'll make your kit together!

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